The ATMOSPHERE of Smell Festival

Atmosphere is the theme of the 10th edition of Smell Festival, the event dedicated to olfactory culture and the art of perfume, which, this year will focus on the olfactory dimension of spaces. From May the 23rd to the 26th in Bologna, researches, authors and experts will offer an interdisciplinary panorama on the role that smell plays in shaping the emotional qualities of the environment we live in. Including areas permeated by scented stimuli associated with food, expertly perfumed scenes for theatrical purposes and urban settings packed with olfactory content which influence our moods.
The Festival will offer new original ideas, including how it is now possible to capture and map out the sensory properties of our cities through the creative use of social media; or, that our digital identities have their own smell.

The event will take place primarily in Isolani Palace (16 via Santo Stefano), the 18th century mansion situated on the magnificent square of the Seven Churches, which will host artistic fragrance expositions over the weekend. In the conference room we will be joined by Philosophy Professor and expert in ‘Atmospherology’ Tonino Griffero, Slovenian film director Barbara Pia Jenič, Gastronomic Science Researcher Elena Mancioppi and Computer Science Professor, Rossano Schifanella.

There will be many activities linked to the world of fragrance, such as the celebration of the 170th anniversary of Molinard, the prestigious French perfume house based in Grasse. Amongst stories and discussions, there will be several thousand perfume test strips for the Smell Festival public to test and smell the fragrances during the meetings. As always, the Festival offers a path through the very best in independent perfumery, promoting experimentation and research into new expressive language linked to the olfactory realm.


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